August 21st 2019 Site Update

Pushed a small update to the site yesterday & just wanted to run through exactly what's been added.

Post Likes

The ability to like posts has now been added, as well as the ability to require a post to be liked before certain contents of the post can be viewed. This can be enabled by checking the box next to "Require Likes to see content" under the post editor. You can also disable likes on your post, or require them in order to see attachments.

Improved SEO & URL Structure

We've switched all forum URLs over to a better, more search engine friendly format, and we've also enabled our sitemap. We'll also be looking at better ways to increase our SEO presence in the coming weeks.

Site Optimization

We've increased the optimization of the site and decreased both processing overhead and average load speeds for all pages on site by implementing much more aggressive caching. This is also something we'll be monitoring and keeping checks on to ensure everything is running as it should.

Better Registration

We've made the registration process much more simple by removing many unused and non-necessary fields. We're also enforcing email validation before registration.


  • Mail may currently be delivered into spam. We're looking to see if we can fix this.
  • We will be doing another update later this week with some more site functionality. Hash DB will not be included in this update and is likely to launch next week. We will also likely start rolling out parts of the new theme from next week for testing.